How to Taste Wine like a Pro

by Jaclyn Johnson

We have all been there, your server arrives, pours a tiny pour in your wine glass and waits for your response. Your friends are all staring at you, Is it good, is it bad? You swirl it, throw it back and say it’s perfect! But is it? Well don’t fret, we are here to help you taste wine like a champ, impress your friends at dinner parties and learn a little something along the way. 

Step One - The Swirl & The Look 

Pour yourself a glass and take a look! Observe the color and the hues of the wine. Is it opaque or clear? 

Give it a swirl! How viscous does it look? Does it have “legs” that run down the sides of the glass? The more leggy the glass the higher the alcohol content and the more dense the wine will feel in your mouth. 

Step Two - The Nose

Take a wiff! What do you smell? Remember - there are no wrong answers here. What is the first and “biggest” smell you smell? This is the primary aroma and usually consists of fruits, herbs and florals. The primary aroma is usually attributed to the grape varietal. 

What else do you smell? The next “biggest” smell is secondary aroma - a smell that is usually attributed to the wine making process and tends to lean towards yeasty processes like cheese, and beer. 

The last, and smallest smell, is the tertiary aroma. This aroma is normally attributed to the aging process in the bottle or barrel. These tend to have a savory note to them. 

Step Three - The Taste 

Take a *small* sip like you are sipping through a straw - this will allow you to aerate the wine in your mouth. Does it taste how it smells? Take note of the wines body (light to full-bodied), acidity, and tannins (bitter compounds that give the wine structure).

Step Four - The Finish

The finish is the taste that remains in your mouth after you swallow the wine. A good wine will have an enjoyable finish that lingers on the palate.


By following these steps, you can begin to develop a more refined sense of taste when it comes to wine. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and have fun!

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