Upcycling 101: Bud Vases

by Marta Font

So you’ve polished off your case of Maie Wine in record time and, like us, are an avid collector of all things mini? Instead of tossing your empty bottles into the recycling, let’s upcycle them into some effortlessly chic bud vases to elevate your decor style. 


  1.  If you haven’t already, go ahead and have a Maie Moment as you finish off that bottle of wine.   

  2. Clean and dry the bottle. You can recycle the stopper as we will not be needing it for our vases. 

  3. Peel off the Maie Wines labels. If any residue remains, use baby oil to scrub off. Once off, wash and dry your bottle again.  

  4. Head to your garden or your local farmers market for some fresh and seasonal blooms.

  5.  Cut your stems down to your desired height and arrange into your new bud vase. We like to work in odd numbers here of 1, 3 or 5 stems. 

It’s as easy as that! Place your new bud vases around your house for little Maie Moments of joy or gift them to friends and family as hostess gifts. 

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